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Making a real difference

Alan Wolstencroft, Banbury Rotarian & Goodwill & Growth for Africia UK Trustee

In 2005 I attended a Rotary presentation about a Charity in Sierra Leone but little did I know then that a 10 minute presentation would change my life!! Rotarians were given the opportunity to volunteer as part of “Rotary Mission Challenge” to Freetown and “spend 11 days in Sierra Leone and make a real difference”.

I had been a Rotarian for 18 months BUT joined a team to build the Rotary Hostel of Hope at the Aberdeen West Africa Fistula Clinic – the rest as they say is history. During my first visit I saw the opportunity to help communities in Freetown and decided I could “make a real difference” personally.

I went to Sierra Leone believing it would be a “one off” life experience but I didn’t realise that it would be a life changing experience for me. I have now visited Sierra Leone 7 times and Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa 3 times

The website hopefully gives you an insight into “my story” - I hope you enjoy learning more about my work.

The website is in its early stages so PLEASE bear with me as I try to expand it - if you want more information please e-mail me: alanwooly@msn.com or fill in the form on the right of this section

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